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the K train

Motivation is what gets you started.

Habit is what gets you going.


AFAA Group Exercise Instructor


Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Les Mills Advanced Instructor


TRX Trainer


Cancer Exercise Specialist


Pre and Post Natal Trainer




“Tell me and I’ll forget.

Show me and I may remember.

Involve me and I’ll learn.”

B. Franklin


Gift yourself the gift of Katja – seriously! Intuitive and extremely knowledgeable trainer, knows what works for you, your body and your goals.
R. Appel

I was seeing and feeling results quicker than ever and I actually stuck with it… If you’re looking for a kick start to your fitness program or just a change in lifestyle, I could never imagine looking to anyone else to be on the journey with.
A. Les

I was always somewhat intimidated by the thought of a personal trainer, until I started training with Katja…She got me into the best shape of my life, and then when I got pregnant she continued to train me until right before my due date, which kept me really healthy and allowed me to have an easier delivery. And she helped me to bounce back afterwards and get back into my pre-baby shape quickly.
Katja is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer, and she is a genuinely warm and caring person. She makes training fun, even on those days when I have to drag myself to the gym, and I am always glad afterwards that I went. She puts the excitement back into working out!
M. O'Neill McDonald

A highly intelligent personal trainer with exceptional skills, experience and credentials, she truly knows her craft. Katja’s polished, professional yet graceful and sincere personality make her challenging and demanding workouts rewarding and, most importantly, ensures results. Caring and attentive to what I need and acutely aware of what I’m capable of, she always motivates me to do better. Katja can tell your limits and will have you shattering them. The results of training with Katja are nothing short of transformative. Literally. Train with her – your workout life (and your overall health) will never be the same.

Katja is very intuitive- just the right amount of push and pull to get you in the shape you want! Her workouts are challenging but motivated and fun which makes them all the more exciting to keep on. She’s walks the walk and talks the talk. I have enjoyed every training session I have had with her because I end up sore but I leave feeling good about myself as she does not let me give up.
D. Mafla

Katja provides training that is challenging, achievable and fun. She has helped me work through problems I have had with my lower back. Workouts with Katja leave me feeling tired, but feeling great.

No one ever said it will be easy,

but it will be worth it.






I was born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Growing up dancing, can’t really remember much more than that. I was technically trained and competed for almost 10 years. Reaching for the top, it never felt like it was enough. My team won European and World Championships. What I liked about being a dancer, is the discipline, focus and hard work you have to put in, in order to improve and succeed.

In high school I fell in love in fitness and athleticism of a human body. I always find it impressive, what a human body can do, if you train it in the right way.

As a performer, having a strong and healthy body is a must so training has been part of my life since I was a teenager. Once I transitioned into personal training and group fitness I discovered my passion for helping other people to become their best version. My clientele varies because I believe you should always help someone if you can, no matter of their background, goal or fitness level. Everyone from executives, entertainment and modeling industries to fashion and legal professionals. Delivering high level of service is one of my top priorities.

My professional fitness career led me to corporate fitness and I worked as Personal Training Manager at one of Equinox’s flagship locations in New York City. Working with talented group of personal trainers gave me additional knowledge and experience of looking at fitness through the lens of business, while making sure we delivered exceptional service and results.

My passion is working with trainers and clients who value knowledge, expertise and desire for a better and healthier life. 

“Fitness has taught me that working hard is important, but working smart is necessary.” – Katja 








You don’t have to be great to start,

but you have to start to be great.


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